Best Online Mini Addictive Game Websites

You might be bored from your work and want to play any cool game to refresh your mind without downloading it or installing to PC. There are lot of website that have mini games like flappy bird that could make you addictive and then you might want to more. Although I blocked some addicting game […]

amazon shipping prices

Does Amazon Ship To Your Country? Learn How To Find Easily Your Country Before Checkout

You might be worrying or not confirm that the particular item you buying wont be ship by seller to your country. Amazon have own shipping service that support many countries but still some countries that are excluded plus Amazon have third party sellers and they could ship their product to other countries that might be […]

Asana Task Management

Best Task And Project Manager Apps For Teamwork Or Organizations

For any project or work, better communication is always necessary and with easy means and ways it always boost the performance of the project. Other then communication these apps that I will suggest will help transparency and give actual performance of your teammate or worker plus can give tasks and change or fix any problems […]

WAMP Server

Easy Way To Make Web Server On Your PC With WAMP

If you want to test some web script you probably need a web server that can run PHP or other programing script. Its usually expensive to buy server if you in collage and want to test few of your assignment or project and its better to make own server on you local PC desktop or […]

Unlike Facebook Pages

How To Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once

Its easy to like any Facebook pages but some time its annoying if you started to get lot of feeds and unrelated notification or might be some pages started to update links or things that you don’t like so its better to to unlike them. They are two techniques you can use to unlike pages, […]

Flappy Bird

Flappy Is Bird Still Alive On Windows Phone Store

Flappy bird made a big hit on app stores but last night it was pull out by the developer from android Google play store and iTunes because he couldn’t handle the pressure. Finally their is good news for windows phone users as they still can download flappy bird from the windows store and other smartphone […]

B1 Free Zip And Rar Archive App

Compress And Extract Any Archive Format From Free B1 Android App

Archive files like zip and rar are always easy way to compress and share whole folder or files with less memory usage. Its one of common format in windows and now available with lot of features and formats free on android with b1 app. B1 is one of cool archive app that support more then […]

Hard Reset Android

How To Hard Reset Your Android Phone

It sucks when you can’t start or boot your android phone because your forget you password or pattern or might be your phone is lagging then its best to hard reset your android phone by using recovery mode and remove all your user data. You might need little different way to hard boot your phone […]

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Candy crush saga is one of top gaming app of last year and one of most addicting puzzle game that have more then 500 levels and even more are coming. Players are so addictive and some of them use lot of bucks to buy boosters and lot of them play many hours daily. You might […]

Snowy8 Windows 8 theme

Best Windows 8 And 8.1 Themes & Visual Styles

Windows 8.1 is currently the newest version of Microsoft Windows OS and have different style of start menu plus some other fonts, icons and etc. You might be bored from your default windows theme and design or you like classic start menu and need other style to give little different decent look to your Windows […]

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