12 New iPhone Tips and Tricks


  1. iPhone 5 uses a mic
    If you are not great at spelling you can tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and talk. Once you tap done your spoken words will appear as a text. You can make notes, update FB, Tweet and write messages with dictations.
  2. Capture the moment:
    Swipe to your lock screen to open the camera app.
  3. Switch directions in Panorama:
    You can shoot from right to left in Panorama mode. Touch the arrow to switch the direction.
  4. Refresh your inbox easily
    With a single downward swipe you can check if the email you are awaiting is already there.
  5. Take a website full screen
    Turn the iPhone to landscape and tap the full-screen utton to view a webpage as a whole, with no distractions.
  6. Find out what’s new
    New notifications appear on the top of your sreen and if you swipe down you will see the summary of the most recent notifications.
  7. Set reminders
    You can add dates to your to-do list and if you assign a reminder you will get an alert. If you add locations you’ll get alerts when you take off and arrive.
  8. Tweet it
    If you sign in under settings you can update statusses of social media direcly from diverce browsers.
  9. Broadcast live with AirPlay
    Double click the home button, swipe to the right and select the ‘AirPlay Mirroring’ option if you want to share what is on your iPhone, if your HDTV is connected to an Apple tv.
  10. Customize your keyboard:
    You can create shortcuts, so that your keyboard knows exactly what you wanna say when you type. Go to keyboard settings and click ‘add shortcut’.
  11. Create an event
    If you tap any place on the calender you can create an event. You can change the scheduled by dragging events around. Rotate to landscape in order to see a whole week.
  12. Be alerted
    You can select different alerts for differents things; calendar, mail, Tweets and reminders if you go to settings and touch ‘sounds’.

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