3 Alternatives To Apple Maps

As we all know, Apple’s GPS is not that great and has many errors – it is known to lead people the wrong way (especially in the US). And that is about the only error that a GPS app needs in order to be drowned in criticism as a response. This really sucks for iPhone users, but they shouldn’t worry because with these three apps they will definitely find the right way to wherever they want to go:

  1. Waze
    This is pretty awesome for a free app. It offers great traffic information and it informs you about cops handing out traffic tickets nearby as well as it informs you about traffic accidents and constructions. Waze can help you find gasstations nearby and sometimes even about discounts. The app is also known for its clear voice directions.
  2. Google Maps for iOS
    Google Maps for IOS
    Everybody’s favorite: Google Maps. Since last year it has been available in its full form to the Apple public. It looks the same as it does on Android. It gives you dettailed and clear maps, and you will find your way easy with it. It is certainly one of the best navigation apps that Apple has in its App store. Must be said that you do need a 3G to use Google Maps on demand.
  3. MotionX GPS
    This is another cheap way of navigating with iPhone: this app is not only for when you are in the car, but it also gives direction for you when walking, cycling or boating.The app only costs $0.99 on itself, but the version with voice direction will cost you $9.99 a year extra. You can purchase more voices for $0.99 each. The app has an option for users to share information via social media.

Hopefully this article will help you on the way. There are plenty of good apps out there, but I believe that these three are the best so far.

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