3 Alternatives To Microsoft Office

When it came to office productivity, Microsoft Office used to be the biggest and most efficient fish out there. But unfortunately, it became more and more expensive rapidly and surely not everyone is willing to pay at all for an office suite when there are free alternatives out there. Luckily, not only Microsoft Office has gone through significant changes, but other programs have been developed and have evolved over time as well. Microsoft Office is not the only tool anymore. Check out these three alternatives to Microsoft Office down here:

OpenOffice Free

Apache OpenOffice has been around for more than two years now. It has tools similar to those available on Microsoft Office: spreadsheets, presentations, databases, graphics, etc. A good thing about OpenOffice is that it can recognize and save Microsoft Word documents, so that you don’t have to pull any tricks. OpenOffice supports a range of operating systems including Mac OS X, Microsoft  windows and Linux and it is totally.

LibreOffice Free

The open office suite used to be joined with Apache OpenOffice but since 2010 it is a separate system. It is pretty similar to OpenOffice, with the same tools and with a very similar tool to it, but lately it is more advances than OpenOffice (i.e. a Wiki publisher). It has more customization options and more extensions available as well.LibreOffice currently supports most common operating systems and they are working on a mobile app for Apple and Android at the moment.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office
Like Microsoft Office, Kingsoft Office offers Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It also concludes a PDF converter and has many different formats. Unfortunately, it does not have every feature that Microsoft Office has, such as the publishing option. One thing that I like about Kingsoft Office is that it feels practically the same as using Microsoft Office: it is also quick and easy to use. Kingsoft currently supports Windows 7, 8, 2000 Vista, XP and there is a mobile version of the office suite available for Apple and Android.

I hope to have helped you in your search for a good Microsoft Office alternative. It is hardly ever a good idea to just download programs, as it causes your PC to lag and often ends in disappointment. So if you read this tips, you no longer have to worry about finding the right office suite.

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