3 Best Alternatives To WordPress Default Comments

An important part of WordPress is the comments section: many people gather there to state their opinions and to share suggestions. The WordPress comment system hasn’t changed much lately and it would be great if we could use any alternative comment system to optimize the full benefits of comments, that could be through social media. Check some top alternatives below:

  1. Disqus
    Disqus is on of the most common comment systems that you could see on many WordPress and other CMS websites. It has almost all the features that might help your site to make a community for visitors. It allows people to follow, reply and share comments to social media and it reduces a lot of spam comments because of a lot of updates and development. If can be integrated to WordPress through plugin or inserting javascript on theme page.
  2. Facebook Comments
    facebook comments
    Facebook has its own official comment system for WordPress that you could install through their official Facebook plugin. It allows Facebook users to comment on your WordPress and they could get notifications on their profile that will help to get more visitors from Facebook and it will reduce spam becauseĀ  only Facebook registered users can comment but the drawback of that plugin is that you don’t have full control over comments.
  3. Livefyre
    Livefyre is a simple and fast comment system that will integrate social media on your comments and could be use alternatively to discuss. It is used by a lot of top websites like Mashable. It enables users to comment live with a fast moderation system and it design with decent coding which won’t give load to your web pages.

I shared some top alternative that will help to take the benefit of visitors comments and socialize your web content on social media that will help to build visitors and community. Using a 3rd party comment system might give some disadvantages, like you won’t have full control over comments and you will be dependent on them and if they have any issue that could also disable comment on your website. Users might use their registration which reduces users on your site and then later you can’t moderate them because that goes beyond what you control.

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