3 Best Softwares To Check System Configuration

PC usually has different configurations with different hardware so for every software or game there are different system requirements which is usually complicated for everyone to review and check whether your PC is compatible or not. If you want to buy a secondhand system and want to check complete PC configuration I want to share the top three useful softwares to review any PC configuration easily.

1. Speccy

Speccy is a decent software by innovative IT firm, Piriform that also has some famous softwares like CCleaner. Speccy shows almost all system configuration and status with tabs that makes it easy for users to see own PC configuration of different things and categories in this software. It has every single detail from motherboard components to operating system details.

2. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a light software that shows all PC configurations in different tabs, like speccy, but it has some other options like you can share your PC configuration through HTML report and they have their own free Android app that can also show your PC information that could be helpful if you want to sell or buy a PC so you can share PC information easily.

3. System Information Viewer

System Information Viewer
System information viewer can be use alternatively to view system  configuration.It shows system bios, network, hardware and other important information in a simple software.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to detect any system configuration that you want. All above softwares that I posted are free, fast and compatible to almost all hardwares and don’t require any extra hardware or anything. If you want any other useful PC tips then try here.

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