3 Important Tips For Protecting Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is probably an expensive and much appreciate gizmo.Whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone, you probably carry it around all day.Your phone could easily slip out of your pocket and fall or it could be stolen. Maybe you are one of the many people that are addicted to downloading apps, which could give your phone a virus. With the three tips below you can make your phone less susceptible to damage and theft.

1. Virus

Viruses can be very annoying and it is important to get an antivirus app directly into your smartphone, especially for Android phones. Avast is a popular free antivirus app that is used by many Android users. It is a good idea to turn off bluetooth when you are not using it because unknown apps and viruses can enter your mobile through it. And when you want to download an app, especially in Android, you should look at the reviews and Google it beforehand. Usually you will know whether an app is safe or not within three clicks of a mouse button.

2. Stolen or Lost

If your phone gets stolen or lost nowadays, it is possible to get it back with the right app. iOS came up with ‘Find My iPhone’, which works for almost every iOS device. If you lose your phone you can install the app on another iOS device and sign in with your Apple ID. The app will locate your device on a map, play a sound (just in case it is actually in a hidden pocket or on the dishwasher), deliver a message and remotely lock it. If you have iOS 6 there is also the Lost Mode, which locks your device with a 4-digit pass code and displays a contact number on the lock screen. Android has a similar app called ‘Wheres My Droid’, which allows you to trace your Android phone on a map and it also sends out messages and sounds. It is important to backup all your data with something like iCloud or Google Drive.

3. Just in Case

Some phones are pretty delicate and really need a case. Every iPhone user should get one to prevent their phone from getting damaged externally.Make sure that you get a decent case for the iPhone, and not just a pretty wrap that you put around your phone. It is important that the corners are covered, because if you drop your phone on the corner you can easily get a crack, which can damage your phone on the inside in the long run.This is an example of a case that will protect your phone from damage on the inside, and not just from cosmetic damage.Some people don’t use a case for their Android, but there are many available for the Samsung Galaxy S series, and these phones can also get damaged easily.This is an example of a lifeproof Samsung Galaxy S3 case.

It really doesn’t matter if you like to take your phone with you in your pocket on long hiking trips, if you want to roam around a big strange city with your phone in your purse, or if you spend the day at home cooking a meal, with your phone playing music on the kitchen table: accidents could happen everywhere and to everyone and it is better to be prepared.

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