3 Popular Apps To Run Contests On Facebook

Facebook already has a huge amount of users and now it’s a new virtual world of billion people. It could be beneficial for business to introduce their product to earn money virtually. Marketing is a bake bone for business and making contests is one of the top strategies to promote your product online and it is a favorite thing of people to play on Facebook but you might be required any app to make the contest easy and according to term and condition of Facebook. So check below some top premium and free apps:

  1. Shortstack
    shortstacke facebook contest-app
    Shortstack is a well known social media service provider and their services are free up to some extent. You can have Sweepstakes, photo, video, voting and etc contest through their apps. Their apps are easy to use and have multiple packages to use according to your need. They have analytic features that can be beneficial for seeing result and also can get professional service with them.
  2. Essay Contest Tab
    Social Essay Contest App
    ECT is a free app by socialappshq.com that can help to make extra tabs of contests on your Facebook page that can have the option to like Facebook page or add emails and then later can show the winner of the contest.
  3. Strutta
    Stutta Contest App
    Strutta is a premium social media marketing company with a highly qualified team and they provide Apps for contests that might be expensive but will provide much better results of your campaign.

I hope you can have best contests with the apps suggested above and I will recommend you to use Shortstack because of their easy and customized package that can easily meet your requirement.

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