3 Top Alternatives To The iPad

Let’s face it: not everybody wants to pay the full price for a tablet, and not everybody is a fan of Apple. Luckily, there are great Android and Google tablets available today that are just as good as the iPad. We have selected three models that are pretty affordable and come with great features. Check out the article below:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
    This tablet is based on the larger Galaxy Tab 10.1. It is light and easy to carry around. You can use it to browse the web, read e-books, and play games. Pretty much everything any other tablet offers. The relatively small size also means that watching videos isn’t quite the experience, so if that is what you are looking for, you might want to purchase another tablet.
  2. Microsoft Surface
    In 2012 Microsoft finally came up with their own tablet: the Microsoft Surface. The device comes in with a handy built-in kickstand (which means that it supports itself, and you don’t need to look for a place to rest your tablet on) and two types of keyboards. The tablet supports SD cards and two versions of the tablet are available: one with Windows RT and one that supports Windows 8 Pro. Both versions have a 10.6 inch screen.
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    This tablet’s best feature is its price: it costs only $199, brand new. And of course, the HD screen is a great advantage. The device has a place to access your games, apps and videos through. Although it is cheap, it is of no lesser quality than most other tablets. It may be built somewhat simplistic, but for some that is only a plus.

All three of these tablets are popular, and worth mentioning. Some people will only buy an iPad, but there are certainly more tablets that one can look at before purchasing anything. Hopefully we have guided you with some new perspective in tablets.

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