4 Amazing Apps For Small Businesses

Even though you maybe the owner of a small business, the problems that you encounter could just as well be big, and managing a small business requires a lot of your time, and can cause stress. It is hard to keep your business growing and improving, while also looking after your employees and managing your finances. Luckily there are plenty of apps available on the internet that can help you with all kinds of things, to make your business life just a little bit easier for you. One thing that is hard is to weed out all the bad apps, when there are thousands available. Take a look at this list of 4 apps for small business owners that we have selected:

Business Apps

1. Google Analytics

Nowadays, a good business can’t do without a website anymore, and as a small business owner you know that a lot of your business depends on the traffic on your website. You probably already know Google Analytics for desktop: it is a service by Google that generates detailed statistics about your website’s traffic, traffic sources and sales and measures conversions. In other words, Google Analytics is the perfect service to use if you want to keep track of your website. Now Google Analytics also has a mobile app, which is very useful in case you travel a lot, or you don’t always have a computer available.

2. Timepunch

Keeping track of your time takes time, and time is money, as you know. This app is especially good for your employees, but if you get an hourly pay from a higher boss, you may also be interested in it. Timepunch allows you to track your time, and then lets you sort it by project and client or you can use tags. tags. The app has more features; you can add notes and audio recordings on it, and it lets you create lists. Another great feature is that it lets you track your miles, so that you are never have to pay for your own gas, when making business trips.

3. Evernote

It is hard to keep track of all your notes, pictures and of her files, but with this popular app you can store them all and then open them on every device that you use. Evernote allows you to take notes, create to-do lists, save pictures, and record voice-reminders. You can also share files with your colleagues or employees, organize notes by notebooks and tags, save tweets to your Evernote account, connect Evernote to other apps and products that you use and share your notes with friends via Facebook and Twitter. The app has won a couple different awards: the New York Times ‘top 10-Must-Have-App’ (where it was number 1), and awards from Mashable and the Webbys.

4. Hootsuite

A big part of being the owner of any kind of business, but particularly small business, is social media. That’s where you share the news about your company, meet new costumers and maybe even employees, and where you – if you are lucky – become well-known in the business world. Unfortunately, managing all those social networks takes a lot of your time. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the social networks that are most used by business owners, and that’s where Hootsuite comes in: this app helps you organize all your favorite social media accounts from the same place. Hootsuite lets you send and schedule updates, track click stats and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords. It is a fantastic app for managing your social media all at once.

The apps that we listed all have a lot of users, and are valued by many small business owners. If you use any apps for your business, please share them with us.

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