4 Best Windows Phone Apps That You Should Try

The Windows Phone doesn’t have as many apps available as iOS and Android phones, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great apps. In fact, the OS of the Windows Phone is only as old as three years, and the app store is gaining new apps every day. Just recently Instagram released an app especially for Windows Phone. Check out a couple of these awesome Windows apps below:

Windows Phone Apps

1. Pouch

Pouch Windows Phone App
Many people don’t bother to buy magazines and newspapers anymore, and why should they? Every subject that you want to read about is online, and you can find long articles that are informative and fun to read. Pocket is a popular app that helps you save articles that you find online, to read it later. Unfortunately this app is not for Windows Phone, but that’s where Pouch come sin: with Pouch you can access your Pocket content on the Windows Phone. That means that you can view your archived articles, share articles with friends and more.

2. Viber

Viber Windows Phone App
This is another app that is popular among Windows Phone users: with Viber you can message and call people for free, which makes it a handy all-in-one app for social contacts. Viber is free, and all the features are free as well, as long as you are using WiFi. If you make use of group chats a lot, you will like this app, because you can create group chats with over 40 participants. Other features include sharing photos and locations, support for the Viber Desktop app on Windows and PC and select your own background.

3. Instagram BETA

Instagram BETA Windows Phone
Instagram has finally delivered an official app for the Windows Phone. Before that, there were unofficial Instagram apps like 6Tag circulating the Windows app store, but now that the official Instagram app is in BETA a lot of users will be switching to that. Unfortunately there are still many features missing in the very first version of Instagram for Windows Phone. For instance, users are not able to record videos or take pictures with the app yet. However, we have to keep in mind that it is still a BETA version, and Instagram says that the missing options will soon be available. Until then, you can still edit and share pictures with the app.

4. Filebox

FileBox Windows Phone App
Filebox is an unofficial Dropbox client for the Windows Phone. The app is entirely free, and users that want to access their Dropbox accounts via Windows Phone are able to do so with Filebox; users are able to view, move, copy and delete files from their Dropbox accounts, upload images from their phone to dropbox, download documents in their Dropbox, view account information and upload and share pictures.

These apps are mostly popular, and definitely must-haves for Windows Phone. If you have any apps for Windows Phone that you want to share, please feel free to do so.

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