4 Helpful Tips To Get A Job Promotion

Most people don’t get a job expecting that they will stay in the same position forever, and almost everyone expects and hopes to climb higher up the career ladder in their current jobs and their future jobs. Getting a promotion is not always easy. Maybe you feel like you’ve done everything, but that your boss isn’t noticing you. Or maybe you don’t know how to ask for a promotion. Check out these 4 tips for getting a promotion at work:

Job Promotion Tips

1. Do a good job

Of course, this goes without saying, but we want to make it extra clear: the best way to get anything done in life is by showing that you deserve it. If you want to be promoted at work you’re going to have to prove to your boss that you can handle the many responsibilities that will fall into your lap. Make sure that you are always at work on time, that you are always deliver good work and that you are a teamplayer who gets alone with colleagues and clients alike. If you feel like you have been doing all of this and your boss is still not noticing you, try documenting your work more. It is not easy for your boss to always be aware of who does what in the company, and it is better if you can show how much you do, on paper.

2. Make friends

Especially if you are new to a job, but also if you have been there for a while: try making friends that are higher up then you. Your boss and people that work above you will want to work with you more if they feel that you are ‘one of them’. It can certainly benefit you to have friends higher up. And not only that, but you can also learn from them. If you know in which department you want to work, it can’t hurt to ask a couple of colleagues if they want to discuss their job with you. Tell them that you are interested in working at their department and that you want to learn from them. This way your boss will notice that you are putting an effort into learning new skills, and maybe if you’re lucky your new friends will mention your name once or twice.

3. Get to know your boss

A big part of getting higher up on the career ladder is connections. We have discussed making connections with colleagues, but getting to know your boss is another important step. Too many people just sit by the sideline and wait for a promotion without doing anything. But especially in a large company it is easy to go unnoticed. Many people work under your boss. What you can do, for example, is ask your boss for feedback and for tips on how to get better at your job. This way he will not only notice you, but also see you as someone who wants to learn.

4. Ask for it

This is not easy, we know! It is the last step in your promotion plan. Nobody likes asking for a promotion and it is certainly not always appropriate, but if you have followed all of the above tips and you are still not making any progress, it is time to take matters into your own hands. But how do you ask for promotion? Well, first set up a one-on-one meeting with your boss. Make sure that you have documents that show your successes. Maybe you can even give a short presentation on how you have helped the company, and make sure that you can prove this with numbers. Second, ask your boss for ‘more responsibilities’, but avoid the word promotion. It is hard for your boss to say no to this, and even if you don’t get a raise or a fancier job title right away, you are much closer to getting one in the future.

Some people stay in the same job for years without getting promoted, and they get very frustrated with it. That’s why it is important to be assertive at times. Make sure that you have done everything you could. And if you are still not getting promotion, maybe it is time to look for a different job where you get the opportunity to grow.

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