4 Reasons To Upgrade To iOS 7

With every new update, things change. With iOS 7 a lot of things changed. If you have not yet updates your iPhone to iOS 7, you may still be in doubt about whether or not this change was good. In a previous article we wrote down a few reasons why you will not like iOS 7, but luckily there are also a couple of positive things to be said for iOS 7 and a lot of people seem to be happier than ever after doing the update last week. If you want to know what is so good about iOS 7, according to those people, read 4 reasons to update to iOS 7 below:

iOS7 Control Center

1. The Photo Gallery

For the longest time, the iPhone didn’t have a very innovative photo gallery: if you opened the photo gallery all you could see was a long list of all the pictures that you had ever taken, and it took you forever to find one picture. If you wanted to organize your photos in a better way you had to download an additional app for it. However, with iOS 7 the photo managing system has improved greatly and Apple picked up on a way to organize photos better. The photo app automatically shows your photos organized by day and labeled by location, and if you go into the ‘Years’ view you can see all the photos that you took in a year.

2. The Control Center

The iPhone’s control center is another thing that has been improved greatly. People had been waiting for it for years, but now there is finally a way to easily turn vital functions such as Wi-Fi, Aiplane mode, Bluetooth, the Do Not Disturb Mode and the screen rotation on and off. You can access the new control center menu by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. In the new control menu you can also adjust the brightness of your screen and the volume of any music that you are listening to. Besides that it also contains a built-in flashlight, a shortcut to the calculator, to your camera, and the phone’s timer.

3. The Camera

The iPhone’s camera has always been pretty standard, and it didn’t have to many options to make different pictures. Instead, you had to take regular pictures and then edit them with any program. With iOS 7 the iPhone’s camera didn’t change in any extreme way, and not that many options were added, but there are still a few things worth mentioning about it: you can now choose between different shot types before taking a picture, and that you can see previews of the different shot types and kind of browse through them. Another great thing about the iOS 7 camera is the ability to take burst shots, which means that your camera shoots multiple photos right in a few seconds.

4. FacTime

Facetime really changed with the iOS 7 update: it looks very cool and is now a separate built-in app. When you open it you see a list of all your contacts, and you can see yourself in the background. Not many new options were added to Facetime, except that it is now possible to make audio calls via Facetime, without cam. You can call someone on FaceTime Audio and later turn on the video component, but you can not turn the video back off.

Everyone has a different opinion about iOS 7. It is a lot different than iOS 6 and it might take you a little while to get used to. However, there are a lot of good things to be said for it. What do you think about iOS 7?

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