4 Reasons You Won’t like iOS 7

A lot of people like iOS 7, but a great deal of people were very disappointed after updating their iPhones to the newest iOS last week. A little change has never killed anyone, and advancement is good, but iOS 7 makes your phone look completely different from what you signed up for. I just wish it was possible to downgrade! Here are 4 reasons not to update your iPhone to iOS 7, if it’s not too late yet.

ios7 negitive reasons

1. Beauty and simplicity

The iPhone’s interface has always been of a simple and beautiful design. It was easy to operate, and the icons were simply listed in the phone without a lot of extra fuss. People liked the iPhone for this reason. The iPhone has always had this same design, and now they changed it completely. The icons are ugly and huge and they look like drawings. Everything looks bigger. The background of the settings panel is an ugly gray. The iPhone now looks like an educational device that kids learn to count farm animals with.

2. The keyboard

Huge seems to be iOS 7’s trademark. The bigger the better seems to be the motto. So the keyboard is also unnecessarily huge, and it now takes up half the screen, and features a lot less keys than it used to. You cannot even find an upper dash on the keyboard anymore, and when you want to type in a lower dash you have to switch to tap the .?123 key and then the #+= key. Even though there are a lot of things that are now more difficult on the keyboard, there are still now advantages to the keyboard of iOS 6, such as a swipe typing mode.

3. Built-in apps

Apple’s built in apps never seem to change much and most people don’t even use them. It gets annoying that you can’t even delete the built-in apps, and that you have to hide them on the third page. Other smartphones are competing to get the best camera features, but iPhone doesn’t seem to care and with iOS 7 nothing really changes about the built-in apps.

4. Spotlight

Accessing spotlight is no longer done by swiping from left to right on the homescreen or by clicking the homescreen button twice, we now have to swipe down instead. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is very frustrating because I have gotten used to clicking the home button twice, and now I have to keep remembering to swipe down instead. And that would be fine, if they had a good reason for it, but it just adds nothing.

Lots of people do seem to like iOS 7, but I just really can’t get used to it. I feel ripped off, because the iPhone used to have the prettiest interface. One thing that sucks a little but about Apple is that they never seem to listen to what their costumers want, and sometimes don’t pick up on some wanted features. It is not  possible to create different wallpapers on every page, or to use swipe mode on the keyboard. With every update I keep hoping that Apple adds some useful features.

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