5 Awesome Apps For Dog Lovers

A few days ago I released an article about the best apps for cats and cat owners. but not everybody loves cats, and I certainly don’t want to discriminates between cats and dogs, because both are awesome. That’s why I am now releasing an article for dog lovers, with the best, most useful and the most useless apps for dogs. Check it out below:

  1. Pet First Aid
    cat first aid app
    This app is probably the most usefull one on the list. Some people (like myself) are always worrying that there is something wrong with their animals, and start Googling anything suspicious right away. This app will tell you what is wrong with your dog and what you should do about it.
    It is a very reassuring app to have.
  2. Petometer
    Your dog needs exercizing even more than you do, and we know that it is not always easy to find ways to get him to work. This app will change that forever. It can track and schedule your walks, as well as recommend exercizes that are especially for dogs. Your dog will be in shape
    again in no time.
  3. Dog Translator
    dog translator
    Before I continue I feel that I must warn you that the app is just for fun, and that it doesn’t give real translations. But yeah, it records your dogs barks and translates it into simple, English sentences. I always think that my dog barks way different when he is hungry than when he is just happy to see me, so this app can sort of prove that it’s true.
  4. DogBook
    Some people may say that it is going too far, but nowadays there is also a Facebook for dogs. If you have a lot of friends with dogs, or if you want to meet people you can make a profile for your dog on there. Not only can you share pictures, but your dog can also enter into picture contests.
  5. Off The Leash
    Nobody likes keeping their dog on a leash, and most dogs don’t like being kept on a leash. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to let your dog run loose in most places. This apps tracks the nearby off leash areas and gives you  directions to get there. This way you can always find a place
    for your dog to run around free.

I hope you enjoyed the article, and that the apps are of any use to you.Everybody loves their smartphone, but dog lovers love their dogs even a whole lot more. Why not combine those two things?

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