5 Best Crowdfunding Sites To Strengthen Your Creative Project

If you have a great idea, but not the money to make it come to life, you may want to look into crowdfunding. In a nutshell: crowdfunding is when a group of people from the internet financially support your project. This is becoming more and more popular every day. The good thing about crowdfunding is that even though people are supporting you financially, you stay in charge of your project. However, there are a lot of different crowdfunding websites out there and it may be hard to choose which one you want to get started with. We have listed 5 of our favorite crowdfunding websites on this page, check them out below:

1. Kickstarter

This is the most well-known and popular crowdfunding websites in the US, and it is also the first really successful one (since 2009 they have had over 42.000 projects and raised $649 million, and the website receives 9.9 million visits per month. Kickstarter has backers for a variety of different categories including: fashion, games,photography, technology, art and design. You also don’t take a risk, because if you don’t reach your goal you don’t have to pay extra fees. You only pay 5 % in fees if your goal is met, plus the payment processing fees.

2. StayClassy

StayClassy is a good option for you if you are used to doing year round event, campaign or peer-to-peer fundraising, as this website offers a lot of peer-to-peer fundraising pages and it also has customizable online donation forms that make it a lot easier for you to get started. For instance, a lot of schools have used the StayClassy platform to raise money. StayClassy is specialized for nonprofit fundraising.

3. Indiegogo

This crowdfunding platform attracts businesses and individuals alike and is specialized in nonprofit fundraising, just like StayClassy and a number of other crowdfunding websites. Indiegogo is also known to have had disaster relief campaigns, for instance, for Hurricane Sandy and the Restore the Shore campaign. The website also works for organizations that want to fund a specific campaign, but do not have the resources to hold in-house fundraising. If you want to use Indiegogo you pay a fee of 6.75% of your campaign, and if you reach your goal Indiegogo reimburses 3.75% of the funds that you raised as a discount, bringing your platform fee down to only 3%.


USEED is a little different than other crowdfunding platforms because it focuses on crowdfunding for higher-education institutions and recommend using ‘the power of social networks and the voice of your students to engage alumni and win new donors for your university’. USEED allows schools to use students, faculty and third parties as advocates and lets them use stories in order to increase donations form the internal community and the community at the school. However, USEED is only for higher-ed institutions.

5. Rockethub

Rockethub is a bit similar to Kickstarter, but it has some extra pros, such as a ‘Success School’ where you can learn all the basics and you are being prepared before you launch and run a project, and also to manage funders. This is very useful, because managing crowdfunding can be hard and it is different on every site, so it is good that you can learn it from the website itself.

Hopefully the above tips are useful to you. There are a lot of good crowdfunding websites out there and this list is only the beginning, but it can be hard to pick one site out of many, so here is a good start for you.

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