5 Best Firefox Addons For Web Designers

Firefox is one of the most used browsers of web developers and it’s one a decent browser with lots of contributions by developers from all over the world. Firefox has more than one thousands plugins and addons and out of them I want to share some top extensions that can help web designers with their work.


Firebug helps to find and monitor HTML, CSS and Java errors and you can fix it live. It also helps to explore webpage sources with easy filters.


ColorZilla helps to pick colors from webpages with the mouse arrows and you can copy RGB codes and can use it on any editor like photoshop.

Web Developer

Web Developer is a useful addon by chrispederick with lots of tools for designers. It added a menu in toolbar with a variety of nice options and filters to edit websites easily.

Windows Resizer

Responsive designs is now needed for new webdesigns and windows resizer addon helps to view websites in different resolutions.


New project developers might need competitors marketing or SEO strategies so this addon can help to find Google page rankings and other options to compete with them.

I hope all plugins or extensions that I posted here will help to to make the most of your developing skills. They certainly helped me a lot when I started as a webdeveloper. Especially Firebug and Colorzilla are very helpful and I still use them today.

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