5 Best Free Blogging Websites

If you are a beginning blogger and you just started thinking about creating your own blog, you may have no idea where to start or where to create that blog. Lots of people think that (good) blogs have to cost money, but this is not true. There are actually quite a few free blogging websites out there that allow you to create professional looking blogs, and it is more about what you make of it then about where you start your blog from. So if you have no idea what website you should create your free blog on, check out 5 of our recommended blogging websites below:

1. WordPress

WordPress Blogging
Word press is probably one of the most popular websites for bloggers, and lots of people are enjoying keeping a blog on it. It is a free blogging platform and a hosting service at once. Blogging on WordPress can be done by lots of people with different levels of experience, but you do need to be willing to take some time out to learn about the system because WordPress has a lot of tools and options. However, if you are an experienced blogger you will have no troubles figuring out how WordPress works. WordPress offers a lot of themes and design options and it’s all for free. Another great thing about WordPress is that you can buy your own domain name from them for $17, and they will continue hosting your site for no extra money.

2. LiveJournal

livejournal blogging

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This is another great blogging website with a big community where users can keep a blog or write a journal or diary. LiveJournal has a couple of cool features that make it look a little more like a social medium (you can write your blog with another person, comment on other people’s blogs and keep polls). So if you are looking for a social networking site and a place to keep your blog at once, you will probably like LiveJournal. All sorts of bloggers are on LiveJournal but it is great for teenagers and travellers because the style is more like a social medium or a diary.

3. Tumblr

tumblr image blogging
Tumblr is a popular blogging website because it has a lot of different options and very advanced features. Besides text users can post videos, images, audio and more. Tumblr also has a variety of themes to choose from. Tumblr is very popular among visual bloggers (meaning photographers, artists, etc) because of all the visual options that it offers. Another great thing about it is that you can connect your Tumblr to Facebook and Twitter, so that you can easily share everything that you post. One thing that sucks about Tumblr is that you can’t buy your own domain name, so if you want to get rid of the ‘Tumblr’ on your domain name you will have to go somewhere else with your website, because they won’t continue hosting it.

4. Blogger

Blogger or blogspot
This blogging site is very popular, especially among beginners. Blogger is owned by Google and it is known for being an easy to use blogging system. Although it is an easy blogging site, it also offers a lot of features such as Template Designer UI, a tool that lets you do all sorts of things to your blog to change the appearance. Another cool thing about Blogger is the user friendly administrator interface which makes it very easy to integrate with your Google account. Everything on Blogger is free and if you want to buy your own domain from the site this is possible and it costs $10. Bloggers is owned by Google Adsense, which is Google’s advertisement program to earn money with, and it is very simple in use.

5. HubPages

hubpages blogging
What is cool about HugPages is that it is free but you can make make money with it too. It is incredibly easy to use and you can write a blog about anything you want and make money with it. HubPages supports third party apps such as eBay ads, Google Analytics, Google Adsense and others. You can get Google Adsense account approval and make money with the ads, so if you have something interesting to blog about and you are looking to make money with your writings you should try it out.

If none of these sites do it for you, you can always start your own domain to blog from, but I do recommend starting out on a free blogging site at first. This way you can take advantage of the existing community on the website and if your blog is successful, many websites let you buy your domain from them for a reasonable price.

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