5 Best Photo Album Apps For iPhone And iPad

If you take a lot of pictures on your iPhone or your iPad for your job or school, or as a hobby, you will probably want to organize them into different categories, so that they don’t disappear into a mass of photos. You can do this best by downloading a photo album app that lets you organize your pictures and label them, so that you can easily find them back if you need them or want to show them to someone. Check out the 5 best photo album apps for iPhone and iPad below:

1. Photo Slideshow Director HD

Photo Slideshow Director HD for iOS
This is a great app for if you want to show your pictures to your friends, because it allows you to make slideshows with your photos and music. This is not hard to do, and once you understand how it works, you can do it within minutes. The app also exports to HD videos, for if you want to share them on YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook, Skydrive or even an HD TV. Photo Slideshow Director lets your organize all the digital photos from your camera roll, Facebook photo albums, Instagram, Flickr photo sets, Microsoft Skydrive and Dropbox on your phone. So if you are looking for an app that lets you organize your photos and make video slideshows, you should give this one a try.

2. AR Album

AR Album for iPad
AR Album is the ideal photo albums app for professional photographers, and if you are not very technical, you should probably not even bother to try it. It does best with GPS tagged photos, and is overall a good photo manager for the iPad. One thing that is cool about the app is that you can browse your photos by location, so that you don’t have to organize them all manually. The app has a free version that comes with lots of ads and a paid version and it requires iOS 4.0 or later.

3. Photo-Sort for iPad

Photo Sort for iPad and other iOS.
This photo album app for iPad is very easy to use, but it offers enough options for the average person. The app can be used when you are away from home and you don’t want to bring your laptop, because it can store pictures into different folders easily, without too many confusing settings and options. If you take your pictures on vacation you can easily organize them with the app and then when you are home you can backup all your photos and videos on your computer and easily find everything and make video scrapbooks. The app also lets you upload photos and videos to Facebook and has all the basic photo albums settings.

4. MyPhoto Pro – Smart Photo Manager

MyPhoto Pro Smart Photo-Manager for iphone and other apple devices
The basic features of this app allow you to browse, share and edit your photos as well as manage them in an easy way, but a more unique feature of the app is that it offers you some protection. You can create an unlimited amount of photo albums with this app, edit them, share them through WiFi with the iPhone, iPad, your PC or Instagram. The app offers some themed frames to display your photos and you can also hide photos in a private album, if you don’t want others to see them.

5. Photoful – albums & instant camera roll organization

Photoful--albums & instant camera roll for iPhone
If you want to be in complete control over your photos, you should consider this app. The app syncs with your camera roll and lets you break up your pictures by day. It is gesture-based and makes it easy to clean up your photos, because you can drag pictures that you no longer want off your screen to delete them quickly. It also has some basic tools to edit your photos with.

Everyone wants something different with their photos and not everyone values them equally, so it is good that there are lots of different photo album apps for the iPhone and the iPad. You can easily pick on of the five that we have listed, and if you have another great photo managing app for the iPhone or the iPad, please share it below in the comment section.

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