5 Best Tips To Get More Followers On Twitter

Twitter is an important social medium that is used by a lot of people to promote their business and for famous people it is a great way to stay in the spotlights and voice their opinion. Activists and people that are trying to meet like-minded souls are also likely to book success with a loaded Twitter account. However, it can be hard to find followers from scratch and after adding all your friends and family you are going to come to a point where the followers stop coming in. With the five tips below you will get more followers to your Twitter account:

1. Fill in your bio

Assuming that you are not a famous actor, an obnoxious singer, or the president, nobody is going to know who you are! If you are an average Joe, trying to promote your business with Twitter, you should always fill out your bio and let the world know what you and your business are all about. This way people will find out who you are and they will know who they are following. Your tweets and replies will probably be irrelevant as long as you don’t do this, and people are probably going to ignore them.

2. Twitter Ads

twitter ads
Did you know that you can buy ads on Twitter? This is kind of like Twitter Premium: you buy ads, and they post them and make you famous around Twitter. You can even suggest a price to your ads. This way your business ads will show up every around Twitter and relevant people and potential customers will follow you. This doesn’t have to cost much (it more or less depends on how much you want to put in to it) and it can certainly help a business grow.

3. Use Fiverr

fiverr twitter followers
Fiverr is an online marketplace where people offer various tasks and services that are referred to as ‘gigs’ on the site. The cheapest gigs are $5 dollars, and for that amount you can pay someone to follow you on Twitter. You can also pay people to tweet your ads, promotional links or anything else or to retweet your things for a long time. Always watch out for scam accounts though, and make sure that the people on Fiverr are genuine about what they offer. Go to fiverr.com and register.

4. Use Hashtags

twitter hashtags
If you are looking for people that share an interest with you and if you are looking for potential customers on Twitter, the hashtag is a good invention for you. However, choose them wisely. If you post a Tweet that says ‘Red jeans for $20’ is is not a good idea to put ‘#red #jeans #for #$ #20’ as your hashtags. Instead, only hashtag ‘#redjeans’ or ‘#sale’ because that is what people are most likely to be searching for. If you use hashtags incorrectly people will probably think that you are new to Twitter and you won’t come off as a professional. This is what you are trying to avoid.

5. Target

Twitter Trends
When it comes to tweeting, it is very important to know who you are addressing in a tweet. If you are a company that sells beauty products, it is fine to target specific tweets at women, tweets concerning lady shave or make up are (mostly) going to be used by women, and it is okay to direct your tweets at them. And if you are a company that sells men’s health products you probably only want to target men in all your tweets. If you stick to this you will get relevant followers and people will feel like you are addressing them specifically because people are self centered.

If you use all of the tips above, it will get you a lot further and bring you more followers. However, the most important thing is of course that you are interesting enough and that your tweets are interesting enough to follow.

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