5 Best Tips To Get More Visitors From Twitter Tweets On Your Website

Twitter is the second most famous social medium and millions of users are active daily with lot tweets posted by them with lots of interesting content that usually gets re-tweeted and favored by a lot of users. To get lots of traffic from Twitter you might need some important tips, that could bring thousands of visitors to your site so try some of the Twitter tips that I shared below for your website.

1. Interesting Tweet Title

interesting tweet
Twitter allows almost tweets of almost 140 words that may include your website links so in order to get re-tweeted more often you need to make an interesting title of around 100 words that should attract Twitters to try your and open your tweet.

2. Post Tweet About Trends

Twitter Trends
Users of twitter usually have more tweets related to news or anything that is trending around the world or locally and many users search for trending news on Twitter. It might be good for you to post any news in time and fast so your tweet could be first source and lots of users want to open and check related news information or explanations.

3. Use Twitter #HashTags

Twitter first invented #HashTags on social media and it’s now a great feature for webmasters to use tags on their tweets related to their post so Twitters that search any content related to your post will easily find your tweet and it might move them to try the link on your tweet.

4. Follow People And Accounts Related To Your Website

Twitter is easy too in the scene of adding. You can easily search and follow anyone that has an interest in your website and they might follow you back so you have a big chance of getting more views of your tweets .It also could benefit you by getting any news related to your topic and you could post it to your website so you can get organic visitors from search engines.

5. Use Twitter Ads

twitter ads
Twitter recently opened their promotion service that enables you to show your tweets to more users around Twitter. Their ads service also has some great features like posting promoted tweets to your interesting topic and usually on Twitter has more interesting base Twitters so it will probably benefit you more from your promotion.

I hope all above tips will help to get most benefits from Twitter for your website and you can get more interesting tips about Twitter and other social media from here or you can check some helpful marketing tips from here.

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