5 Best Websites For Troubleshooting And Tech Support

When your computer, or any other device is giving you a hard time, you will probably first try to Google the problem. There is a big chance that Google has an answer to your problem, but there is also a chance that your problem is more unique, and that you need personalized advice. Luckily there are a lot of smart people on the internet that love to solve technical problems. There are different tech support forums, services and question and answers sites that you can find those people on. If you like to solve other people’s computer problems, you can of course also join those website. Here are a few of them:

Troubleshooting AND Tech Support

1. Tech Support Guy

This is one of the most popular internet fora for tech support, with over half a million members, and nearly 9000,000 different threads, and millions of posts covering a variety of subjects. Tech Support guy has subforums for a lot of different subjects, such as networking, emailing, operating systems and software development. In the sites ‘Library of Knowledge’ one can find articles about different technology topics. As on any other forum, the website has a couple or rules and guidelines: before you create a free account to ask your problem to the community, do a thorough search for problems that could be similar to yours. You can do this either on Google or on Tech Support Guy’s search engine. Also make sure that you place your question in the right subforum.

2. Computer Hope

Another great internet forum on which you can ask other users for tech support and advice. Again the rule is to first search if your question has already been asked, and then to post your question or subject in the right subcategory. Computer Hope offers help on a lot of different subjects: software, games, operating systems, networking, web design, computer viruses and spyware, hardware, drivers, and more. The website does not only have a forum, but also a dictionary, a section for tips where you can find information on a lot of different computer problems and the option to chat with a Computer Hope volunteer for free.

3. Google Helpouts

By now you have probably already heard about the new Google service, Google Helpouts; it is a service on which people can pay to get live help from experts, on basically any subjects. You pay an expert the amount of money that they ask (per hour, per minute or per session) and in exchange they help you via live video chat. Google already has over a 1,000 providers that have signed up to the new service. People that can help you with your problem. Needless to say that Google Helpouts also has computer geeks working for them. The good thing about this service is that you get live help, and that you can share your computer screen with the providers, so that they can see exactly what the problem is.

4. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is probably the most popular Q&A website. The good thing about it is that it is free, and that it is a very active community so that you get lots of answers to your question on the same day, or even within the hour. Yahoo Answers has many different sections, and the one that you are looking for is probably Computers & Internet. On this section there are a lot of smart people that can help you with your problem. The only thing you need to do in order to ask a question is sign up for a Yahoo email account, and if you already have one, you only need to log in to Yahoo Answers. You can also answer questions yourself from your account.

5. Tech Support Forum

This is another website that offers tech support in many different ways: first and foremost, it is a forum on which you can ask questions, similar to the forums that we have stated before. Subforums include: computer security, IT professionals, gaming, graphic design, hardware support, networking, automotive, Mac support, Microsoft support and home support. But the website also has tech videos, which include tutorials on how to do things on the computer, as well as informative videos about new products, or products that the site finds helpful.

Hopefully you are able to solve your problem with the help of any of these websites and services. Do you have any tech support service that you like to recommend?

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