5 Cool Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to have sold over 10 million devices by next week. The smartphone is the newest of the Samsung Galaxy S series, and it is already very popular. If you have a Samsung Galaxt S4, or if you plan to buy on, you might want to personalize it with the perfect case. That is why we have five awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 cases for you, right here:

  1. Hybrid
    hybrid s4 case
    This ‘ Dual Layer Heavy-Duty Hybrid Case with kickstand’ a mouth fool, and it is especially cool for girls.
  2. Galaxy S4  Slim Armor Case
    Galaxy S4 Slim Armor Case
    This case looks like the boy variant of the case above: it is simple and cool looking.
  3. Rainbow
    raimbow case
    Unfortunately, this is not a case in the colors of the rainbow. But you can get it in a great deal of colors (blue, orange, white, black, red, green, ‘hot pink’ and purple).
  4. Baby
    s4 baby case
    A soft, pink case with dark pink baby feet. It looks very cute.
  5. Double Dutch
    candy shell s4 cases
    These candy shell cases have two layers, in two different colors. That means that your phone is going to be double protected.

Hopefully you can find a good case for now. In the future there will probably be a lot more cool Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, but for now, this is at good as it gets.

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