5 Cute iPhone 4 and 4s Cases For Girls

Sometimes it is fun to have something that is extra girly. It makes it special and could match your outfit and make you look a bit fashionable, even if you’re not the very feminine type of girl. Thankfully, not only boys work on this website but also one girl and she has selected five cool iPhone 4 and 4s cases for girls.

iphone fox tail case
These cute tailed Iphone cases can be found here.

If you are obsessed with shoes, this handmade high heel Iphone case might be what you are looking for.Order here.

‘Every day smile’ with these cute cases. Order here.

cute iphone 4 and 4s cute bunny case

It’s cute, it’s pink and it’s a bunny. Did I mention it has a fluffy tail? Order now here.

Cute iPhone 4 and 4s Penguin
Order these lovely, cute penguins in different colors here.

There are many different iPhone cases for girls and sometimes it is hard to pick one or you just pick a boring one. However, a nice one doesn’t have to be expensive. Hopefully you like any of these cases.

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