5 Cutest iPhone Cases For Animal Lovers

There is a variety of iPhone cases out there, and there is probably the perfect case for everyone. There also happen to be a lot of cute iPhone cases that have animals on them, or that have the shape of an animal. If you are an animal lover and if you are just looking for a cute case to give as a present to your daughter, younger sister, niece or anyone else, your best shot is an animal case, because every kid loves animals. If you don’t know where to start looking, just check out these 5 animal iPhone cases below:

1. Cat Ears

iPhone Cat Case
These silicone iPhone cases are very cute. They come in a lot of different colors, and one thing that I really like about them is that you can put your phone to sleep by clicking on the right ear. You can order them from the website listed below, but I found an orange one at H&M for $6.00. They come for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 and so do the ones at H&M.

2. Owl

iPhone Owl Case
Another great silicone iPhone case, but this time it’s an owl. I really like silicone iPhone cases myself because they are flexible, they look pretty (they are 3D) and they are easy to keep clean and hardly ever damage. This owl comes in many different colors and is pretty cheap ($7.55 and the shipping is free in the US). They come for iPhone 4 and 4S but unfortunately not yet for iPhone 5.

3. Tiger

tiger case iPhone
This case is a little bit kitchy, but it’s cool nevertheless. It’s a fluffy tiger case with a little fur tail, and it comes in many different colors. If you get 7 of them you can make your iPhone dress up as a different color tiger every day of the week. So far I have only found one link that sells these cases but you have to buy at least 50 of them (which comes down to $163.00) but they sell them at Macy’s for $10.00. Both the link and the ones that they sell at Macy’s are for iPhone 5.

4. Raccoon Tail

Tail  Fox iPhone case
This is not exactly a case, but still worth listing because it is adorable. It’s a fluffy, black and white raccoon tail that you can apply to any iPhone or iPad, just to give it an extra touch of cuteness. It costs $6.97 and of course it is made of artificial fur (so is everything else that I posted so far). This will definitely make your phone look cute.

5. Bunny

Bunny iPhone Cases
If you like both the silicone and the fluffy raccoon tale, you will probably like this bunny case because it is the best of both worlds. It is a silicone case with silicone rabbit ears, but it comes with a little fluffy tail that you can apply tail that you can apply to it. You can buy it here for iPhone 5, for $29.99 http://www.amazon.com/Bunny-Rabit-Silicone-Iphone-Holder/dp/B004V1D9OI/ or you can buy this soft pink one on Amazon for iPhone 4 (this one only costs $1.89).

So these are some cool animal iPhone cases that are worth buying. There are plenty of other cute cases out there that make it feel like a little zoo in your pocket, so if you found the perfect animal themed iPhone case, please feel free to share it below in the comment section.

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