5 Handy Websites For Writers: Writing And Blogging For Money

If you are a writer, there is a good chance that you are out of work sometimes, or that you are low on work. Of course you are going to write a brilliant best seller one day, but until then you need to find other jobs to keep you from being broke. Luckily, you can make money by writing a lot easier these days because the internet is around and lots of websites are willing to pay you for blogging or writing articles for them. If you like blogging and if you are very good at it, it might even make your rich and famous some day. We have listed 5 websites below that pay you for blogging and writing. Check them out:

1. Helium

helium for writers and blogs
Helium is a big writing community that has client’s that pay you if you agree to write for them. On Helium you can choose to write your own topic or to write for one of the clients. The clients have assignment boards that give you more than one option to pick from and if you choose to write for them the article will be sold to publishers or brands that need articles for their websites and their products. If you go with writing your own article of choice you can also earn money due to the Ad Revenue Sharing program. Via the program you get paid based on how many visitors your article brings to their site. You can claim your earnings after a minimum of $25.

2. Squidoo

squidoo contribution
If you like to write about your own, personal topics of interest, and probably the website where you can earn the most by doing so. It works very simple, if you write an article on Squidoo (they are called ‘lenses’ or ‘pages’ on the website ads about similar products or services as what you are writing about will appear around your page. The products in the ads are sold with programs with eBay, Amazon and a few other website and you get to keep half of the money that Squidoo makes off your page, which you can cash out with PayPal. It can also be donated to a charity if that’s what you choose.

3. Fiverr

fiverr for writing gigs
Fiverr is not just a writing website, but the site lets people offer and buy services from each other. Needless to say that there is a lot of people on Fiverr offering their services as bloggers or ad-writers. If you register on Fiverr you can offer yourself as a writer (even a specific type of writer), a translator or a blogger and people can buy your services for $5 dollars of which $1 goes to Fiverr. This doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but you can ask for $5 per a certain amount of words, and this way you can earn a lot of money for one article. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal. If you sell a lot of services on Fiverr you get more options and tools to work with.

4. Digital Journal

digital journal for writers
If you like to write about the news, and discuss the news with other people this is a great site for you, as you can make money by doing all this. Digital Journal has a large community of bloggers that write news blogs and other important articles. You can discuss the news with the community and take part in news-related debates. You get paid for the amount of posts that you contribute to the site and of course this is also based on how much attention you bring to your posts. Digital Journal asks everyone to apply before contributing by sending them a sample of your own writing.

5. About.com

about.com opportunities for freelancers
This is a very informative site that you often stumble upon when you have a question relating to religion, science, politics or pretty much anything else. Of course the articles don’t just come falling from the sky, and people are actually writing them. You can also become a contributor to the site, but you have to apply to write about specific topics that you know a lot about. The website takes writing very seriously and before you are accepted to write for them you have to go through a short orientation and evaluation program where you learn all about their editorial standards. People get paid on a monthly basis on About.com.

These sites are all a little bit different, and every writer has their own specialty so it’s good to know that there is more than one option out there. Hopefully you will find a way to earn money with your writings, and I think that writing for blogs or websites is a great start or side job that can be fun if you turn it into a hobby.

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