5 iPhone Must Have Apps

Different apps serve different purposes, but which apps are the best? In this article we will provide insight in the best apps for your iPhone, so that you can easily install the best of everything.

  1. Fast Camera
    The #1 free app of today. The best way to take pictures on iPhone 5. No in app purchases.
  2. Whatsapp messenger
    The time of high phone bills is long gone. Every smartphone user should be using this free text messaging server. Available on Apple and on most Android phones.
  3. Angry Birds
    This can be seen as ‘the iPhone game’. Playing Angry Birds was the first thing I ever did on a smartphone. Nowadays there are plenty of different versions like Angry Birds seasons, Halloween and Star Wars.
  4. Instagram
    The Photoshop of iPhone! Instagram is a fun way to save, share and edit photos. You can make them unique by using various tools.
  5. Facebook Messenger
    It works like Whats App messenger, but With more options. It is Facebook, which means that you can chat with all your friends easily and free. Voice messages, picture sharing and group chatting is also possible with Facebook messenger.

We hope that this article helps you to select the right apps for your smartphone. A smartphone is an important gadgets and you should make it as cool as possible.

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