5 Must Have Apps For Cat Lovers and Kitties Alike

The internet is full of cats. I used to feel crazy about being so in love with my cats, but then social media such as Facebook came about, and it turned out that a lot of people are crazy about cute kitties in an almost obsessive way. It isn’t weird to like and share pictures of cats to great extent and there is even a social medium, dedicated to cats (www.catmoji.com).

Today I would like to share a few apps that can be enjoyed by cat lovers, and a few of them can be enjoyed by cats as well. Check it out:

  1. Talking Tom
    This cats repeats everything you say in a funny cat voice, and he responds to pokes and touches. You can record videos of your Talking Tom and put them on Youtube. This app is available for Android and iOS.
  2. Friskies
    The popular petfood brand Friskies came up with different cat Apps for Android and Apple tables, that cats can play with. Tasty Treasure Hunt and Cat Fishing. It is definitely fun watching your cat chase fish and food on the screen, but some cats won’t do it.
  3. CrazyCat
    crazy cat
    This Android app is a game that cat and owner can enjoy playing together: your cat chases cute animated critters on your tablet, while you control them on your phone. This is definitely a modern way of entertaining your animals!
  4. CatPaint
    This iOS app sure is different: it allows you to select a cat picture from the menu and then copy paste it into any picture that you have in your library. The cats have laser eyes too, in the latest version.
  5. Cat First Aid
    cat first aid app
    This is the only serious app on the list, but nevertheless an app that any responsible cat owner should have. It provides first aid information for kitties exclusively. So if anything happens to your cat, you can find quick advice with the app. Available for iPhone.

If you are bored, or if you are looking for apps to bond over with your kitty, this article might provide you with some goods. Have fun playing!

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