5 Pretty iPhone 5 Cases For Girls

We recently posted an article about some cool iPhone 4 and 4S cases for girls.Now we are back with iPhone 5 cases, in the hope that everybody can find themselves a nice case. So here are some cool, girly iPhone 5 cases that you might want to buy for yourself or as a gift for a girl.

1. Cute Bunny Case

Cute Bunny iPhone 5 Case
This 3d bunny rabbit case is definitely one of the cutest out there.

2. Vintage Flower Case

VintageFlowers iPhone 5 Case
Go back to the 70s with this vintage flower iPhone case.

3. Bow Case

Bow iPhone 5 Case
Very pretty: soft pink with a ribbon. A very lady like iPhone case.

4. Cute Owl Case

Cute Owl Case
This cute owl is sitting cool on its wooden iPhone case.

5. Power Puff Girl Case

iPhone 5 PowerPuff Girl Case
Every 90’s girl definitely remembers the Powerpuff Girls.

Hopefully this article helped you find the coolest case, or got you thinking at least. There are various different cases and some are rather unique.

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