5 Useful Security Tips For iPhone 5

iphone 5 security tips
Data theft ain’t no ride at a theme park – a skilled thieve can find every bit of you on your iPhone’s memory, varying from financial information to pictures of cheques to email accounts. Especially on the iPhone 5. With these 5 tips you can keep your iPhone 5 secure.

  1. Use a secure Web browser
    Wifi at Starbucks is a lot of fun, but you should not do important work on unsecured networks. Do not by any means log into your back account, and if you don’t like to be hacked, do not loggin to your social media account either. Save your important work for networks that require a password. Bluetooth is also defenseless to hackers, so turn it off when you’re not using it.
  2.  Secure your iPhone 5 with a password
    It may be annoying to have to enter your password every time you open your phone, but it is certaintly worth the trouble you can get in if anyone wih bad intentions tries to break into your personal information. Or, what if you kid or little brother or sister accidentally calls or purchases on your iPhone?
  3. Install “Find My iPhone”
    With the ‘Find My App’ you can trace your phone when it’s been stolen. If you’ve simply lost it in or around the house you can play a sound to find it again. You can also erase all of the data from a distance and lock the device with the app or enable the ‘lost mode’. If you enable that mode a contact number will appear on the screen so that an honest finder can contact you.  Once you have made an iCloud account so that your data is safely stored as well as downloaded the Find my Iphone app on the iCloud settings, you’re pretty safe.
  4. Secure your financial information
    There is a so called iWalled preloaded on the iPhone 5 where you need to set up very secure passwords for Apple’s banking and financial apps. These passwords are longer than four digit and have to consist of numbers as well as letters. Don’t ever cross ‘remember me’ on financial websites. Just go through the trouble of signing in and be hack-proof.
    You can download an ecrypted lockbox to store all your passwords, or be old fashioned and write them down and put them in your sock drawer.
    Set up notifications for your bank account, on email and on text so that you know what is going on.
  5. Get theft protection with an iPhone 5 case
    A physical case can work as protection for theft as well. It can disguise your iPhone, as well as make it unique. It’s a cheap way to secure your iPhone.
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