5 Useful Tips For Getting More Video Views

YouTube is very popular and video is an important medium to get your word across nowadays. That also means that YouTube is loaded and there are so many videos out there that it can be hard to become famous. Video is a good medium for communication because you can get emotions across, and this often reaches people better than the written word. The thing is, you need to find a way to be noticed on YouTube and all the other social media that make video sharing possible, and that means that you have to be more interesting than other people are. Can you do that? Here are some tips to get you going:

video tips for more views

1. Title and Description

These two things are really important because if your title is not interesting and your description isn’t eh, descriptive, people are not going to be interested. How do you make a good title? Simply search for a popular, relevant and high ranked video that has a similar message that yours has and copy the title, but rephrase it. Search on Google for videos with the same subject and find out what people are typing into the search bar. The description is important because you can describe what your video is about, so that people don’t feel like they’re taking a wild guess and risk wasting precious minutes by watching your video. Describe what your video is about in detail and put a website link in your description field to make your site get a high rank on Google.

2. Promote your video

YouTube is just one medium, and if you want to make your video known you should make use of as many media as possible. On YouTube it is easy to share because there is a share button on the video player. If you click on it a few different option will show up, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn and Stumbled Upon and you can send your video to your friends via email. That’s a lot of options and if you’re really serious about sharing your video with the world you should register on as many accounts as possible. Once you built up your fan base you can share them videos via email, and watch their videos in return. Don’t overdo it though, because it is really annoying when a Facebook friend or a Twitter friend keeps sharing the same video again and  again, many times a day, and people might stop watching your videos altogether if you do this.

3. Community

If you are determined to get hits you should know that you are not the only one by far and that in order to get more views you should interact with other users and watch their videos as well. On YouTube this means that you have to subscribe to some channels, leave some comments and like other people’s things. Make sure that you only befriend people that you like and subscribe to channels that truly interest you and don’t share your own videos on other people’s channels all the time because then it is obvious that you’re not interested in other people’s videos and that you are just trying to get more views for yourself. YouTube has a limit on how many channels you can subscribe to and how many friend requests you can send, so you should be careful not to violate the YouTube rules. Being part of a YouTube community is a great way to make friends and find other people with similar interests, and maybe you will even find a partner to make videos with.

4. Tags

We can’t tell you enough how important the right tags are nowadays. You need to get your tags just right on your video so that you will not only appear on the YouTube search engine, but also on Google. Make sure that your tags are relevant to your video.  Just pretend that you are someone who is searching for a video similar to yours and type keywords into the Google and YouTube search engines and see which words are ranked highest. This way you will know what people are looking for and you can base your tags on that. YouTube and Google are the two biggest search engines today so it is very important that you are ranked high on those media.

5. Make many videos

Once you have established a fanbase you are going to want to keep feeding them new videos. People like your channel for a reason, and they want to see the newest of the newest. It is good to let people know that you are still out there and to come up with new videos every once in a while that show who you are and what you stand for. Find a good software to upload videos straight to YouTube and upload videos frequently if you have the time for it.

Hopefully these tips will help you get more famous on YouTube. It doesn’t really matter what your purpose of the video is (selling things, giving your  opinion, showing your talent, etc), there are people for everything and every type of video can gain fame and a fan base if you do it the right way. If you have any more tips for getting views on YouTube, please share them below in the comment sections.

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