5 Useful Windows 8 Tips And Shortcuts

The latest Windows 8 come with a lot of different features and has some big changes by Microsoft after windows XP. Windows 8 has a new metro style interference that helps to make a similar view for modern tablets and smart phones. The new changes might be complicated for new windows 8 users and to make it a little easier I want to share a few helpful tips and shortcuts.


One Click Windows 8 Shutdown

Switching off PC in Windows 8 takes a long time because you have to go to settings and then power option to turn Windows 8 off so I want to show how to shut down your PC in just one click.

  1. First right click on the desktop and take your mouse to New and select Shortcut option.
  2. Type shutdown /s /t 0 location bar and then press next and finish.
  3. Go to Shortcut Properties select an icon and pin to start menu.
  4. Go To start menu and set pin to taskbar.

Searching an app

New metro Windows menu has widgets of many apps and sometimes it’s hard to find any app that we need to run so to search any file or app press WindowsKey + F.

Settings Shortcut

You may want to go to the Windows 8 settings tab as it has some options like power and control panels that need to be open a lot of times so to open settings directly use WindowsKey + I.

Run Box in Windows 8

You might not find Windows run box in Windows 8 and if you are used to it and want to open files directly through runbox then try WindowsKey + R.

My Computer Shortcut

There isn’t any my computer option in Windows 8 and as it changed to Windows  explorer so if you wanna open windows explorer fast then press WindowsKey + E.
Windows-8-My-ComputerI shared some useful Windows 8 tips and tricks and I hope you like them and if you want to know some other Windows 8 tips then check here and if want to learn other PC Tips then go here.

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