7 Best Pop-up Blockers For Your Browser

Pop-up ads seem to be everywhere nowadays: every time you open an unfamiliar website at least two other windows seem to pop up with unwanted advertisements about gambling, insurance or worse. These windows can really drive you crazy. Luckily there is something called a pop-up blocker. A pop-up blocker is a program with which you can stop windows and ads from popping up when you are browsing on your PC. Lots of pop-up blockers do not only prevent windows from appearing, but can also stop flash ads and banners in websites. Check out 7 of these pop-up blockers below.

Pop-up Ads Blocker Tools

1. Pop-UP Stopper

Pop-Up Stopper is a power ad blocker for Windows. It is available for free for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Despite that it’s free, it still works pretty well and is funded by donations. Pop-Up Stopper is easy to use, with a simple interface that gives you quick access to your preferences. With this pop-up blocker you can easily disable the pop-up blocking whenever you want and re-activate it.

2. Stopzilla

This pop-up blocker easily destroys any kind of ads and pop-ups that appear on your PC, and it automatically blocks pop-ups by websites as well as the ads that are launched by spyware apps. You can add websites to a blacklist and have Stopzilla block all of their ads for you. The software is available for $29.95 in the paid version and you can download a free trial for 15 days.

3. Popup Ad Smasher

Popup Ad Smasher is a software that is designed for Internet Explorer. You can set it manually to stop any pop-ups that you wish, pop-under ads, floating ads, animated ads, timer ads (the kind of ads that make you have to wait till its over before you can access the website), dialog box ads, message box ads and Flash ads. All these services do come with a price, however and the full version costs $20, but you only need to purchase it once. And you can download a 15-day free trial.

4. Popup Free

If you are looking for a simple and free pop-up ad blocker, Popup Free may be just what you are looking for. It blocks all kinds of pop-ups, banners and Flash ads, but unfortunately it doesn’t always stop the fly-in and slide-in ads.

5. Maxthon

This is another popular pop-up blocker that is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The good thing about Maxthon is that they have easy accessible privacy settings and that users are not tied to using one operating system. Maxthon stops all unwanted, malicious websites and as you are browsing it warns you of potentially dangerous websites. This software also gives the user the option of starting a private browsing session.

6. Super Ad Blocker

As the title already suggests, Super Ad Blocker blocks every type of ad, even the most annoying ones. Banners, fly-in ads, pop-ups and slide-in ads. You have the option to let the software allow pop-ups from websites that are known to be secure, like Microsoft, or you can just turn them all of. Super Ad Blockers comes with cookie- and history-cleaning tools and an anti-spyware scanner. The software costs £29, and you can try a 15-day free trial with no strings attached.

7. NoAds

This is another simplistic, free pop-up ad blocking software, but it works surprisingly well. NoAds lets you control which ads you want to be blocked, and which ones you don’t mind having. It is available for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and America Online.

Hopefully these ads will help you get rid of all the ads that you encounter on your browsing sessions. Ads can really ruin a good experience, and with these few software’s you will be able to tackle them and get rid of them.

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