7 Best Websites For Shorter URLs

Long URLs can be a pain: they look unprofessional and sloppy. A shorter URL is just a lot easier on the eye and more appealing to people because they take up less space, and are therefor easier to use on Twitter, for example, where only 140 characters per Tweet are allowed. There are a lot of websites that prove URL shortening services, and they have been around for a while. But if you are just starting to shorten your URLs you may not know where to start. Here are some websites that you can try out:

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1. TinyURL

This is probably the most popular and most famous URL-shortening service, and it may have even be the first one. The good thing about TinyURL is that the URLs that you create with the site never expire. It also has some cool features; for instance, you can hide affiliate URLs and the site has a bookmark button that gives you a URL of the page that you are currently on.

2. Bitly

Bitly is another good option for people that are trying to work from any different kind of browser than PC (although it is still good for PC users), as it has mobile web and third party tools. You can sign up for Bitly and see all the statistics of your shortened links, including real-time traffic, and analytics data.

3. Notlong

Notlong is a links shortening service with an extra feature to it: it lets you pick a subdomain name, and once you create your Notlong URL it gives you a password with which you can see the statics of the URL at any time, and this doesn’t require any form of registration. Unfortunately a lot of subdomain names are already taken, so you will have to be a little creative with it.

4. SnipURL

For those of you who can’t get enough of social media, SnipURL is the perfect website for you, because it can be seen as a social URL shortening service with even a forum for support. On SnipURL you can sigh up for an account from which you can edit your URLs, subscribe to RSS feeds of your latest Snip URLs, and put a password on them. You also get tot choose what the URL will look like a little bit, and the URLs never expire.

5. Metamark

Metamark is another good choice with very short URLs of about 20 characters. Metamark lets you add a word to your URLs and the site lets you add an optional secret word after the URL, in case you don’t want people to know what the link is leading them to. If you want to see the statistics of your URL you need to sign up for an account, but unfortunately your URLs on Metamark will expire after five years.

6. Shorl

Shorl is a good option if you don’t like a lot of fuss, or if you are working on a mobile phone or a tablet. The website looks very basic and it has a clean interface with not that many ads. You can also sign up for an account if you want to see the statistics of the shortened URLs.

7. MooURL

Even though MooURL is a pretty standard URL shortening service, it is very cute and if you want to get a smile on your face while you’re working on your website you should definitely use it. However, the site does not have any extra features, such as the ability to track your statistics, so you may not end up using it much.

Hopefully any of these sites work for you. There are a lot of different options, but often people just want to find one website to work from. Everyone prefers something different, and it also depends on what kind of device you are trying to access from. What is your favorite URL shortening service?

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