7 Important Battery Life Saving Tips For iOS 7

The new iOS update has brought a lot of positive changes and new features, but the fact is that it drains your battery pretty quickly. It basically happens with every device that has too many features, and the iPhone 5 and other older models are not capable of using so many features at once without having it affect the battery life negatively. Some of the features that drain your battery are features that you do not even use, and there are some tips and tricks that you may not have thought about yourself yet.

Check them some useful battery saving tips out below:

iOS 7 Battery Saving Tips

1. Change your wallpaper settings

iOS 7 Reduce Motion
iOS 7 comes with a new kind of background that makes everything look more like it is in 3D. This is called Parallax and it adds depth between your wallpaper and the icons, so that they look like they are 3D. You may like the look of this, but it is a big battery drainer. If you want to switch it off, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and select ‘Reduce Motion’.

2. Disable auto downloads

Another new feature of iOS 7 is that your phone now automatically updates your apps to the newest version directly from the app store. This is a waste of battery life if it is for apps that you barely even use. If you want to be able to update downloads and music manually, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and scroll down to ‘Automatic Downloads’. Then switch off the automatic downloads for apps, music and books.

3. Turn off Siri

iOS 7 Siri
Although you may not even use Siri, the app is set to ‘on’ by default and she definitely drains your battery. If you do use Siri, but want her to use up less of your battery power, go to Settings > General > Siri > Raise to Speak, and turn off ‘Raise to Speak’. But if you never use Siri, you may as well turn off the app altogether.

4. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi

When you are outside the house and you are not connected your WiFi, your phone is forever looking for it and draining your battery by doing so. That’s why it is a huge battery life saver to turn off your WiFi when you don’t have reception and when you are using your 4G. Bluetooth is another thing that many people don’t even use anymore, but never bother to turn off.

5. Turn off Location Services

iOS 7 Location Services
Location Settings are used for many different apps now, and it is not even necessary for most of them. If you use your GPS for Google Maps, in order to find restaurants and stores near you, or if you have your Location Services for Facebook enabled to let your friends know where you are posting from, that makes sense. But if your location settings are enabled for apps that never even need them, it is better to turn them off and save your battery life. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and switch off the apps that you don’t want to share your location with.

6. Disable App Refresh

Background App Refresh is another iOS 7 feature, that drains your battery in no time. As the name already suggests, it means that all your background apps get refreshed all the time, even when you are not using them. This is rather useless, because you can always just open the app and it will update itself. This may take a few second more, but it is worth it. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and turn it off.

7. Change your Spotlight settings

iOS 7 Spotlight Search
iOS 7 has made it possible for you to search anything on your iPhone with Spotlight. To access Spotlight you need to pull down from up to down on your home screen. Luckily, you are able to control everything that Spotlight searches and doesn’t search. Simply go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search, and choose what you want Spotlight to search and index.

With these tips and tricks you can keep your battery up a lot longer, and you won’t need to charge your phone multiple times a day anymore. If you have great battery life saving tips for iOS 7, please share them with us.

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