7 Online Paid Survey Websites That You Can Actually Earn From

Paid survey websites have become very popular: people want to make a little bit of extra money on the side, without working very hard for it, and doing online surveys for money is one thing that can be a lot of fun and earn you some money or coupons in the process. Unfortunately, most paid survey websites are scams. They keep setting the minimum of money that you need to earn before you can redeem it higher, or they trick you into believing that you are working towards earning 15 dollars in cash, and then when you reach that goal all you get is a coupon for 15 dollars off of shoes that you have never heard of. So it is important to examine every paid survey website before you invest your time in it. Here are 7 legitimate paid survey websites:

Best Paid Surveys Websites

1. SwagBucks

Swagbucks.com is a pretty popular paid survey website that has a lot of good reviews and over a million likes on Facebook. This website won’t make you rich, but you can win coupons by filling out surveys, for Starbucks, Amazon, and other stores and places. You can also choose to cash in your rewards via your PayPal account but it will take a little longer until you make enough money to redeem.

2. Zoompanel

This is another website that is used by a lot of people and it is good for if you want to earn some cash on the side. Members get new invitation for surveys every week and they have a range of different rewards to choose from besides money, such as jewelry, electronics and the newest books. If you want you can have them send the money that you earn to a charity of your choice instead of receiving it in your PayPal account.

3. Survey Savvy

Most paid survey websites work with a point system: for every survey that you complete you get a certain amount of points, and you can turn those points into cash and redeem your reward after you have reached a certain goal. However, Survey Savvy shows you an amount of dollars that you have earned per survey. You can then instantly redeem the cash that you earned whenever you want to.

4. Cashcrate

Cashcrate is another website that shows you the amount of money rather than works with a point system. For each survey you get a certain amount of money, varying from 15 cents to $1.25 (depending on how long the survey is and on how much the company is willing to pay). Besides paying for surveys you can also choose to watch certain videos and get paid for it. You need to have earned at least $20 before you can redeem your money.

5. Opinion Place

Opinion place is a survey website that is run by AOL. You can choose between 5 different types of reward for filling out surveys: PayPal credit, Amazon gift cards, AOL credits, AADvvantage Miles and sweepstake entries. You can instantly claim your earnings and no minimum is needed.

6. MyPoints

My Points doesn’t just let you earn by filling out surveys but also for other activities, including signing up for offers and reading certain emails. If you read the emails and click on the link that is included in it you get points and after a few times you can exchange your points for a night out, for instance. The website does not really make you any money, but you can earn points and then exchange them for gift cards.

7. My Survey

Like many other paid survey websites, MySurvey uses a point system. You can earn 5-50 points for each survey and you can qualify for longer and personalized surveys that can earn you 50-400 points each. You can then exchange your points for cash or other rewards, such as gift cards.

Doing online surveys for money won’t get you rich. Many of the survey websites post success stories about people earning thousands of dollars, just by filling out surveys, but this is not true, and if a website says this is the case, it is a reason not to trust them. Online surveys can earn you a couple of extra bucks or a few coupons, but nothing more than that. However, it is still fun to earn a little extra money this way.

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