7 Useful iOS 7 Tips And Tricks

Every new iOS update comes with some changes, but iOS 7 was a huge update that brought lots of changes to your iPhone. Some of them you may like, some of them you won’t like, and others you may not yet have figured out. Some standard things that have been the same for years have changed completely with iOS 7, and if you have troubles figuring out some of the less obvious things, or if you want to know some extra options that came with the newest iOS update, read these 7 iOS 7 tips and tricks below:

iOS 7 Tips and Tricks

1. Touch ID

The iPhone 5S comes with a whole new option: you can now use fingerprints instead of number and letter passwords to unlock your iPhone. If you want to use this option, go to settings > general > passcode & fingerprint > fingerprints. Then click on ‘add a fingerprint’ and scan your fingers (you can scan up to five fingers) that you want to use to unlock your iPhone.

2. Message time

When you send an SMS or an iMessage and you want to know what time you sent it, you only have to swipe the speech bubble to the left to see the time. This is a very simple trick, but lots of people (including me) didn’t know that the option was there for a while.

3. Location tracking

Privacy is a big concern for lots of people, and if you don’t want your locations being tracked, or just not for a specific app, this is very easy on iOS 7. Go to settings > privacy > location services > system services > frequent locations. You will see all the places you have been to on a map, and you can erase the history or go to ‘system services’ and switch off ‘frequent locations’. If you only want to hide your from a specific app, go to settings > privacy > location settings, and you will find a list of apps and you can switch off the apps that you don’t want to share your location with.

4. Control Center

One of the things that lots of people were confused about after iOS 7 came out was the control center. The control center is a great improvement of iOS 7. It includes a flashlight and a calculator. You can also easily turn on airplane mode, screen rotation and WiFi via the control center. You just need to swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access it.

5. Text Size

Another great improvement in iOS 7 is that you can now change the text size of apps that support the feature, called ‘Dynamic Type’. You can make the letters of any app that supports Dynamic Type bigger or smaller if you go to settings > general > text size and then set the bar to where you want it to be.

6. Blocking contacts

If someone annoying has your number and you want to get rid of them, this is usually very hard because they can still message you or Facetime you. But not on iOS 7. You can easily block a number of an unwanted person on call, Facetime and messages at the same time. Just add the number to your contacts, go to the bottom of your screen and tap ‘block this caller’. Now all the calls, messages and Facetime calls from this annoying caller will be refused.

7. Photos

The photo albums in iOS 7 have changed a lot: your photos are now sorted by time. Years, collections and moments. This is actually a very handy system, because if you remember around what date you took a photo, it will be easier to find it than it used to be on iOS 6. There is also an iCloud photo sharing option which allows you to create a photo stream with other people. This way everyone will be able to post photos, videos and comments to your photo screen and the stream will sync with the iOS devices of everyone in the group.

There are many new options and changes in iOS 7, but we have tried to point out a few of the most significant ones. If you have any iOS 7 tips and tricks you want to share, please let us know in the comment section.

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