7 Useful Tips and Tricks To Search Google More Efficiently

Not everyone is good at searching stuff on Google, and it can be very frustrating. Sometimes you are sitting at your computer, typing in keywords, changing it, rephrasing it endlessly, until some results come up (and sometimes the right results just don’t come up at all). Luckily, there are some brilliant tricks, that you may have never thought of before, that will make you search Google like a pro. Check them out below:

Google Search Tips

1. Searching one site specifically

Sometimes you want to search something on a certain website, and they don’t have a built-in search feature, or they do have one but it is slow or not fulfilling. Then you might wanna search on Google. It is very simple, if you use the right trick. Type your phrase into Google, and then add the website. Do it like this: ‘best cat food’ site:www.bestfoodforpets.com.

2. Phrase

If you are looking for a phrase of more than one word (let’s use ‘best cat food’), and you type it into google, you might find a lot of sites that only have one of the words you are looking for (‘cat’ or ‘food’ in this case). There is a trick for this. Simply type in “best cat food”. If you put the phrase in double quotes it won’t be cut into parts.

3. Numbers

If you are searching for a certain range of numbers, this can be very difficult to do on Google, but if you use the ‘A..B’ trick it will be easy. Just type what you are searching for into the search engine like this: war 1940..1960. Then you will see which war was going on in those years.

4. Phone

Sometimes you get called by an unknown number, and you get all worked up over it. However, you can use the phonebook feature on Google to easily find out who’s been calling you. Just type it into Google like this: phonebook:831-394-1923. Of course this only works if the person who’s calling you has their number anywhere on a public website, but it’s worth a try.

5. Calculating

What is funny is that people often use the calculator app on their phone or go through all the trouble of opening the calculator app on their computer, while it is just as easy to calculate on Google. Just type your numbers into Google. For example: 5629 * 2.01.

6. Word definitions

If you are looking for the definition of a certain word, you can make this very difficult, because if you just type that word into Google the search engine will show you lots of results, including bad definitions and translations to other languages. Instead use the ‘define command’ and type your word it into Google like this: define:plurifomity

7. Document Types

If you are searching for a specific type of documents, you can do this very easy by using the ‘filetype’ modifier. For example, type in: “cat food” filetype:doc. Then you will only find results that are docs.

Hopefully these tips help you search things easier on Google. They did work for me, and now I can always find everything easily. Some of these tricks are so simple, but still they are hard to come up with. If you have more genius search engine tips, please let us know in the comment section.

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