7 Websites That Pay You For Answering Questions

There are a lot of great ways to earn some money on the side via the internet: freelancing, online surveys and selling things are the options that most people know about. But did you know that there are websites out there where you can earn money, simply by answering questions and giving advice to people? You have probably heard about Q&A sites like Yahoo Answer and Answerology. They can be fun, but there are more sites just like them that can actually land you some money into your bank account. If you want to know which legitimate Q&A sites that pay you for answers we have collected, read them below:

Paid Question Answer Sites

1. ChaCha

ChaCha is a pretty famous website that pays you money for answering questions. You can earn money by becoming a ChaCha guide, and answering question of users. There are lots of different categories, including: entertainment, auto, sports, dating, travel, shop, finance, health, food, technology and politics. After earning $100 you can cash in your money

2. JustAnswer

This is a very easy way to make fast money. You can register on JustAnswer.com for free and browse for questions that interest you and that are in your area of expertise. Every answer can earn you $5 to $20 dollars, and after only $20 you can withdraw your money from PayPal. The longer you are on JustAnswer and the more question you answer, the more popular you will become and you can build up a huge costumer base.

3. Ether

Ether.com has a slightly different approach than most websites that pay for answers: you answer questions on the phone, and not online. If you are an expert in anything (an accountant, a blogger or a psychologist for example), you can earn money for giving people advice and answers over the phone. All you have to do is get an Ether phone number for free so that people can reach you. You can decide how much money you ask for how much time and at what times your phone rings.

4. WebAnswers

If you contribute answers to Webanswers.com you don’t get paid automatically, but if your answer gets voted as best answer you get a share of the money that the site makes with ads. This may not be the fastest way to earn money, but if you are not an expert on anything specific, this can still make you some cash.

5. Mahalo

Mahalo’s approach is a bit similar to that of online wikis that pay experts for articles: they look for freelance writers that can contribute well written, quality answers to the website’s community. Freelancers for Mahalo can earn up to $200 a week by answering questions and get paid for every single answer that they contribute. The site covers a variety of subjects including: beauty & health, computers & software, fashion & shopping, finance, travel, sport & entertainment and many more.

6. HelpOwl

On helpowl.com you don’t earn cash for your answers, but you can earn points and exchange them for gift vouchers. If you contribute good answers to the site you can win fun thing like a tickets to the movies, lasergaming, or eating at a restaurant.

7. Keen

Keen.com is another website where you can earn money by giving people advice over the phone. It doesn’t really matter what you are an expert in, as long as you know a lot about something or if you think that you are good at giving advice to people, you can earn. You get paid per minute on the phone and choose your own rates.The website has a category for ‘psychic readings’, which maybe makes you think that it’s full of scam artists, but there are legitimate experts on the site too.

Answering questions online is a lot of fun: you can spread your knowledge and even learn more about your are of expertise yourself, when you have to look up stuff that went to the back of your mind in the past few years, for example. But earning money, simply by answering people’s questions and helping them is even better.

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