8 Amazing Google Products That You Have Probably Never Heard About

Google is much more than just a search engine and the number one website in the world. In fact, when you come to think about it, you use Google services all the time. You use Google Maps to find your way around, Google Streetview to look at close-ups of a house that you are interested in, Google translate to look up how to say ‘thank you’ in a foreign language when you’re on vacation, and if you’re an Android user you use Google all the time, because it is a Google product. And of course, YouTube may not be a Google domain, but it does belong to Google and it is the second most popular website in the world (after -of course- Google.com). But Google offers a lot more than just the most popular services: it has well over a hundred products and keeps adding new services all the time. If you want to learn about some Google services that you’ve probably never heard about, read the list below:

1. Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup
On Google Sketchup you can learn to draw anything you want in 3D. There are videos from which you can learn to use the program better, and there is a forum on which you can discuss your products with other users.

2. Google Mars

Google Mars
Now this service is pretty cool for anyone that has an interest in what is going on in the universe, and on different planets: in collaboration with Nasa Google created Google Mars. It works pretty much the same as Google Earth, only now you can take a look at Mars and even check out crater depth, spacecraft landing locations, and it has an infrared option.

3. Google Sites

Google Sites
Google probably knows better than anyone how to create a website, so why not go to Google to create your own? With Google sites you can create your own wiki and-or webpage, and share it with other people. The goal of Google Sites is to enable anyone to create a team-oriented website where multiple people can work together and share files.

4. Google Scholar

Google Scholar
If you are a student you will find this Google product especially useful: it is a search engine that stores a lot of scholarly literature across all different formats and disciplines. If you need to find anything like a thesis, a book or academic articles, Google Scholar is where you need to be.

5. Google Sound Search

Google Sound
If you are not satisfied with the app Shazam, you may want to check out Google Sound Search.This Google app works pretty much the same as Shazam: if you want to know the name of a song that you are listening to the app can recognize it for you and give you the title and the artist.

6. Google Moderator

Google Moderator
It is hard for companies or very busy people to answer question from users, costumers and fans all the time, and Google Moderator helps people manage the question and feedback at hand. The Google Moderator audience can enter questions and vote the best questions up, so that in the end, most people will get the feedback that they want.

7. Google Think Insights

Google Think
Searching anything with the search engine can be hard, and if you are not particularly good at it or if you just can’t find something, you may want to read up on some tips and tricks that Google Experts have for you.

8. Google Schemer

Google Schemer
If you are bored and want to do something or if you have something that you really want to do or just did that you want to share with the world, Google Schemer is where you need to be. It is a service where people talk about things they want to do, and you can discover what other people do and share what you do. Anything from exploring a new city to trying out an extreme sport. Via the website you can also meet up with fellow schemers that share your interests.

As you can see, Google has many different services and it is pretty much impossible to know about all of them. However, with this list you can make a start on your search for awesome Google services that make life easier or more interesting.

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