A WiFi Doorbell That Lets You Answer Your Door From Anywhere

Technology is changing our lifestyle a lot and every day new gadgets come with cool innovative things that attract us to use it. Now iDoorCam is being launched. It’s a cool doorbell that has a wifi option to answer your door visitors from anywhere.

iDoorCam is an app that comes with a decent design doorbell that can be installed easily on any surface. It is fully secured and has other useful features like it allows you to answer, record and take pictures and has a ‘do not disturb’ option for sleeping, etc. It is fully convenient, allows your to add multiple users and it is available on both iOS and Android. It uses SSl and encryption to see logs and feeds to protect from hackers and can survive rain and dust.

iDoorCam is a little expensive; it is available around $150 for pre order but it looks premium and it’s an innovative gadget and might be easily bought by anyone who likes to enjoy digital life. So hopefully you will like to try it and if you wanna check some other awesome gadgets then check here.

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