Android 4.4 KitKat With New Texting Feature Will Possibly Be Launched On October 28th

Android KitKat 4.4


Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, there are rumors spread by Nestle about the newest Android update, Android Kitkat 4.4, being released on October 28 of this year. Earlier this week people had their hopes set to October 15 because a few Android developers that had been present at networking events had said that that was going to be the release date. Unfortunately it did not happen, and now people are expecting Kitkat to be released on October 28 due to Nestle’s cryptic Twitter messages that were sent via their Twitter account @KitKat.

At first Nestle tweeted ‘everybody dance now’, which is a clear reference to C+C Music Factory, an American dance group that was initially called The 28th Street Crew. The second time Nestle tweeted the message ‘sometimes you have to look for the signs’, and with it they included and image of kitkat bars that were put together to spell ‘This Is It’, which may refer to Michael Jackson’s movie, This Is It, which of course, was released on October 28th.

Unfortunately Android is being very secretive about their newest update and is making us all sit on the edge of our seat. One thing that Google did reveal is that it will be possible to use a third-party app as you default texting option on KitKat. Users can select a default SMS app in the system settings, or download their own app instead. This means that you will no longer be forced to have the built-in app.

Hopefully Android 4.4 KitKat is going to blow everybody away. With all the anticipation that is being built-up, Android is under a lot of pressure to produce a great update that will leave people in awe.

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