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How To Hard Reset Your Android Phone

It sucks when you can’t start or boot your android phone because your forget you password or pattern or might be your phone is lagging then its best to hard reset your android phone by using recovery mode and remove all your user data. You might need

4 Best Apps For The Holiday Season

One of the busiest and most stressful times of the year is the holiday season, and you can only enjoy it if you plan everything well ahead, and if you are able to take care of everything that the holidays bring. You will have to cook dinner,

5 Great Apps For Making GIFs

GIFs are popular animations: you find them a lot on message boards, blogs, and on artistic websites. Some GIFs become so popular that they circulate the internet for years, appearing everywhere with slight variations. GIFs are usually funny or political, and they are used for all kinds

BBM For iOS And Android Does Not Go As Planned

BlackBerry Messenger used to be very popular. It was highly advanced and at the time other smartphones didn’t have such a messaging system yet. People bought BlackBerry phones because of it’s messenger. Unfortunately for BlackBerry, over the years other smartphones (such as the iPhone with its iMessages)

Mobiroo: Unlimited App Downloads For Android

Maybe you are someone who downloads a great deal of apps for a lot of money or maybe you are one of many Android users that doesn’t usually download paid apps. Then you may like the service that Mobiroo provides. Mobiroo is a mobile device subscription that