Apple Mac Pro Release Delayed

The Apple Macs are very popular, and a lot of people are awaiting the Mac Pro desktop computer, which would originally be launched on December 30 of this month. Unfortunately, Apple officially announced on their official website that the release of the Mac Pro won’t take place until next year, in February.

Apple Mac Pro

It is not something new that Apple is late with their Macs. The iMac was also delayed in 2012, something which Apple CEO later said he regretted, during a conference call in January 2013. “If we could run it over frankly, I would have announced the iMac after the turn of the year, because we felt our customers had to wait too long for that specific product,” said Cook.

It seems that Apple is quick to forget their previous mistakes, and their decision to delay the release of the Mac Pro is probably going to anger a lot of Mac-fans. Although, in Apple’s defense, the iPhone gets a new release almost every year and they are always very much on time with that.

Many people have already planned to order the Mac in December, and they are going to have to wait till February – let’s hope it’s worth it!

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