Apps For Blocking Calls On iPhone

Phones are tricky things: you can easily get stalked by an annoying ex or by telemarketers, and you can make your own life incredibly difficult if you keep calling people that you regret calling later (your boss, your ex, a date), and more problems come with it, such as calls and texts that you want to keep private because they can cause troubles with your parents or your boyfriend or girlfriend. We have listed a few apps below that will make your life a little easier, and if you check them out you will benefit from them, and so will everyone else in your environment.

iPhone Number Blocking Apps List:

1. iBlacklist

iblacklist for iphone
iBlacklist is a useful app with lots of different features. The app allows you to enter in phone numbers and block them and it won’t take any time before it goes into action. It allows you to hide messages from certain numbers that you would rather not have anyone else read, when they are peeking over your shoulder to look into your phone. It also has the ability to block outgoing calls, so that you can’t dial a number by accident when your phone is in your pocket, and it is safe to give your phone to your child. Another feature of iBlacklist is that you can set up auto-replies for text messages. It is available for iPhone 3GS and higher and iPod touch 3rd generation and higher.

2. The Bad Decision Blocker

The Bad Decision Blocker
Now here’s something new. It is not an app that helps you block others, rather it helps you to block yourself from calling people in your call list. Do you remember that good old time where you had to delete your ex’s number from your phone to prevent yourself from calling them in a lonely or drunk mood, so that you wouldn’t regret calling them later? This app does it for you. You can block the number of anyone in your list for a duration that you choose, and until the time expires you won’t be able to call them, but they will still be able to call you. This way you won’t be able to call anyone that you might regret calling later.

3. Hide A Caller

Hide a Caller
Sometimes you just want to keep something private and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course it is not good to live a double life and to hide messages on your phone for bad purposes, but if you have a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend or an overbearing parent, this app could help you. You can choose to hide texts and calls from certain contacts of your choice, so that when someone opens your phone or looks over your shoulder or check the phone bill they won’t be able to see them. Sometimes it is even more suspicious to have a long list of calls from unknown numbers on your phone, so instead it’s better to use this app.

With these few apps you should be able to make a lot of things easier for yourselves. Life with a smartphone can be difficult, and it is not always the most private life. Everyone could get their hands on your phone number, so you should know that you could block anyone’s number at any time. And a lot of good things also come with the smartphone, such as the ‘Hide A Caller App’, which was never possible before the invention of the smartphone.

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