Apps For Cheap Calling Abroad And Voice Calling Via Wifi

voice calling app for iPhone and other devices
These days you don’t have to pay a fortune anymore if you want to call your friend in Dubai or your aunt in Israel. You just play it smart and call via WiFi. Although this is great, there are so many apps to choose from that it is very confusing. That is why I want to share a list of the best calling apps.


Of course, the best app for calling is Skype. Free calling to other Skype users via WiFi, and it’s possible to call other people on their cellphone with Skype credit. I have to say that it is not the cheapest option for calling abroad. It is also not very reliable, since it requires a higher iOS resolution than a year ago and it is not available on the oldest iPhone models anymore.


Basically it is MSN, Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo messenger in one: the quality of the calls isn’t amazing but you can call abroad cheap with Nimbuzz credit. It is a slow app and messages don’t always come true but it is available on most smartphones.


The quality of the calls on Tango is more than fine. It has video option and it saves all your data.


it is sort of a fake Skype. When you purchase the app for free in the App store you can call any phone for free for five minutes and it is possible to buy credit. Unfortunately the quality of the calls isn’t the best and you need fast WiFi. SMS Text with Rebtel is also possible.

I hope this will help you a little further and please let us know if you have a better suggestion!

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