Apps To Help Pull The Perfect Prank

Although April Fool’s Day has already past, we couldn’t help noticing how many perfect apps there are out there for pranking purposes. Hopefully this article will help you either find the right apps to fool your friends with, or help you recognize them when they are being used against you.

  1. Sound Prank
    sound prank
    This app is perfectly annoying. It will make annoying sounds, such as crickets and horror sounds, and it allows you to record your own annoying noise. People in the room with you will wonder where the noise is coming from, and to annoy them the most you can of course act as if you have no idea of what noise they are talking about.
  2. Dude, your car!
    Dude,your car! app
    This app is one of the best out there. It only takes one minute of your time to lead someone to believe that their car has been severely damaged. Upload a picture of your friend’s car and use the app’s easy photo editting software to make it look total loose.
  3. Magic Tap
    Magic Tap iPhone AppThere are not too many prank calling apps available for iPhone. But Magic Tap is one of them. If you set up a time for the call to take place, fill in a fake caller id, and press a few buttons your friend will receive the call, guaranteed. This way you can make people believe that the president or Steve Jobs is calling. Very funny.
  4. Atomic Fart
    Atomic FartIf you think that farts are funny (which many boys and older men too do, sadly) you will love this app. It allows you to select a ‘type of fart’ and when you click on ‘launch’ it sounds very realistic. Incredibly hilarious to do it when you’re in class, or at a crowded birthday party.
  5. Fake-A-Text
    A more limited, text version of Magic Tap: open the app, type a text message to a friend and select a famous person’s name. This way you can lead your friend to believe that they are having a conversation with Madonna, Selena Gomez or even worse – Justin Bieber. Try it now, and you won’t be dissappointed.

With these prank apps you can fool your friends any day, April or not. We hope that you enjoy joking!


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