Barnes & Noble Releases New Nook e-Reader GlowLight

In the past Barnes & Noble has tried to compete with Android and Google for iPad users, but it seems that the company has now given up on that idea (which is not surprising, seeing that only 2% of the tablet users worldwide used their devices). However, they are now coming up with a new e-reader for the holidays, which is ideal for those who want to be able to read e-books, but don’t want to purchase a tablet or a smartphone.

Nook GlowLight e-Reader

The new e-reader, the Nook GlowLight, can be purchased on and in the stores. The Nook GlowLight is an update to the Nook SimpleTouch. It is available at the reasonable price of $119, and it comes with a touchscreen and glowlight, which makes it easy to read books. The e-reader comes in a white silicone case, and with smoother page turners than the older, version, and more fonts are available. The most celebrated new update is perhaps the storage capacity, which as doubled. The older model was 2 GB, and the new model is 4 GB. Users are able to store over 2,000 eBooks on the device. However, the device does not have a microSD slot, like the previous model had, so users can’t expand the storage.

The software of the Nook GlowLight has also been improved, and the company officially stated that this is the result of costumer’s suggestions and complaints. The e-reader’s screen is brighter, but the device uses an electronic ink touch screen, which saves a lot of battery life, and makes the e-reader more appealing to people that want to read for a long time. Another new feature that the GlowLight has is that it now offers personalized book recommendations to users.

The Nook GlowLight definitely has some advantages over the Kindle Paperwhite, which was released earlier this year. For instance, it doesn’t come with ads (as opposed to Kindle), it has twice as much store capacity, and people are able to purchase e-books from places other than Barnes & Noble.

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