BBM For iOS And Android Does Not Go As Planned

BlackBerry Messenger used to be very popular. It was highly advanced and at the time other smartphones didn’t have such a messaging system yet. People bought BlackBerry phones because of it’s messenger. Unfortunately for BlackBerry, over the years other smartphones (such as the iPhone with its iMessages) have gone further. BlackBerry already lost its popularity years ago because it just couldn’t keep up with all the technology that Android and iOS smartphones offered. And the amazing BlackBerry Messenger was no longer unique.


It is not strange that BlackBerry has tried to make a comeback with their messenger. Instead of trying to make it so advanced that people would buy BlackBerry’s again (which wouldn’t have worked, because as stated before, other smartphones have similar messengers and more advanced technology), they wanted to bring BlackBerry Messenger to Android and iOS users, making it available on their phones. When BlackBerry announced this news in May of this year, a lot of BlackBerry Messenger fans were enthusiastic about it, but the company kept delaying the BBM’s release.

Finally on Monday, BlackBerry released the messenger, and within 24 hours it had been downloaded 10 million times already. But it is not going as everyone hoped it would go. The many downloads caused problems with the application, and many people that are trying to download the app are not able to do so right away. Instead a message comes up, asking people to enter their email address and wait in line until they can download the app. The waiting in line can take many hours, and some people are still not able to use BBM after waiting for over two days. BlackBerry probably didn’t expect that many downloads at once, but it is still anti-climatic, because of all the delays in its release, and because of it, a lot less people may end up using BlackBerry Messenger.

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