Best Accessories For The iPhone 5s

If you just bought yourself the newest iPhone 5s, you are probably happy to show it off. The phone on itself already has a lot of new features and technology, but you will be happy to hear that there are also a lot of new gadgets that can help you get the most out of your iPhone 5s. The gadgets listed below can all be applied to, or used with your iPhone, and they make ideal gifts for other iPhone users as well.

1. XiStera

XiStera Addon For iPhone
This device is very unique, and a little strange, but it works: it is basically a Swiss pocket knife that you can apply to your iPhone. The XiStera, which is funded by Kickstarter, can be attached to the top of your iPhone, and it has many different functions: you can use it as a keychain attachment, a bottle opener, a landscape mount or a lens adapter. In other words: you can make camping a lot more modern with this device, and you will only need a pocket knife for the actual knife-function.

2. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch For iPhone
It wasn’t long ago that we wrote an article about the release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the most advanced smartphone extension, called a ‘smartwatch’, a device that you could use to control your smartphones and tablets from a distance. However, the Galaxy Gear has been criticized a lot, and the Pebble Smartwatch is a strong competitor, that you can use for your iPhone. With this smartwatch, that you can – of course – attach to your wrist, you can do a variety of things, control your music, get notifications and incoming calls, and even social messaging.

3. Bluetooth Gamepad

Bluetooth Gamepad For iPhone
A lot of people like to play games, and even though there are many game apps available for the iPhone, none of them give you the real gaming on a game-console experience, unless if you get something like the Bluetooth Gamepad. Nowadays almost everything is touch screen and it is pretty cool to be able to play iPhone games on a gamepad with physical buttons. You only need to connect your iPhone with the Gamepad via Bluetooth to use the controller. The battery lasts 24 hours.

4. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker iPhone
That’s right, the iPhone now gives you your own digital gym buddy, with The Shine. It is a small wristband that doesn’t weigh much, and that you are supposed to wear day and night. It then tracks your running, cycling, and even your sleep. The Shine is waterproof, which means that you can even go swimming with it, without destroying it. There are many different apps that you can use with it but the official iOS app that comes with it is still the most popular. The Misfit Shine comes with a replaceable four-month battery.

Hopefully these addons make you get the most out of you iPhone. There are plenty$ of other good accessories for iPhone, and if you want to share any, feel free to do so.

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